The Keystone Community is a generous and caring team of Nehemiah donors advocating for a Houston in which every child receives the education, emotional wellness, and spiritual enrichment they deserve. This steady and reliable support paves the way for us to make a major difference across the landscape of education for Houston’s vulnerable at-risk children, creating positive, irreversible change.

Join our community of passionate supporters by becoming a monthly donor today. 

Together, you will help bring stability to our ministry and allow us to plan more effectively the number of children and families we can help each month. Steady, reliable support means providing access to an outstanding education and transformative experiences for the students of Nehemiah and their families.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of the foundation that holds our community up.

  • $25 Pathway to Education – can provide one semester of school supplies and books for a Pre-K student, inspiring a life-long love of learning
  • $50 Foundation for the Future – provides one month of tuition for an elementary student in our after-school program allowing parents the extra time to stay at work and provide for their family
  • $100 Brick by Brick - can nourish an after-school student for year with a hot supper meal ensuring they receive a good meal before they go home
  • $500 Archway to Success – changes the trajectory of life for one at-risk Houston student living in poverty by providing an environment of educational support for an entire year