Admission Policy: 

Families must qualify for the HISD free/reduced lunch program. Verification must be presented prior to enrollment. Special consideration may be given to households who do not meet income requirements and other families who can demonstrate a special need. Recommendations are also accepted from select school officials and First Presbyterian Church members. 

For more information on what qualifies a family to enroll at the Nehemiah Center, visit here. The Center follows the HISD guidelines. 


Good Standing Policy: 

Many families have been with the Center for several years and have benefitted from consistent participation. Continued participation from year to year is based on the individual family's "good standing" with the Center. All parents must:

  •   Complete the appropriate enrollment forms each year. 
  •   Provide academic information on child(ren) through the year: report cards, STAAR testing results and standardized testing scores. 
  • Satisfy 20-hour parent volunteer requirement evey school year. 
  • Complete Effective Parenting Program requirements. 
  • Adhere to all the Center's program policies. 
  • Pay program fees in a timely manner. 
  • Cooperate and attend activities for the Center. 


The Nehemiah Center reserves the right, at the discretion of the Executive Director, to immediately terminate the enrollment of a student whose family does not meet the "good standing" requirement.