Thank you to our July 2016 - June 2017 Contributors!

$75,000 +

  • First Presbyterian Church
    John P. McGovern Foundation
    Camille C. and Thomas A. Reiser

$50,000 +

  • The Hamill Foundation
    Ed Rachal Foundation

$30,000 +

  • Lynn and Terry Day
    Gayle and Thomas Kennedy
    Charis Smith

$20,000 +

  • Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation
    Sally S. Alcorn
    The Brown Foundation, Inc.
    Lisa and Canon Coleman
  • Amy and John Luchsinger
    Refined Technologies
    The Saramco Foundation
    Mary Margaret and Russell Schulze
  • Texas Presbyterian Foundation
    Touchdown Houston
    Wayne Duddlesten Foundation

$10,000 +

  • Kimberly and Christopher Ballew
    Ann Corscaden
    Sandy and Charles Frick
    George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
    Rebecca and Christopher Herbold
  • Jack H. & William M. Light Charitable Trust
    Ann and John W. Johnson
    Kappa Kappa Gamma Charitable Foundation
    James Kearley
    Katherine and Sean Keenan
    Walter S. Light, Jr.
  • Next Generation Giving Circle
    Palmer Foundation
    The Ray and June Smith Charitable Fund
    The Church of St. John the Divine
    St. Martin's Episcopal Church

$5,000 +

  • Sandra and Stephen Barnett
    Jennifer and Brian Black
    Monique and John Boom
    Elizabeth and Jay T. Brown
    Ginny and Frank Burge, Sr.
    Joni and David Calkins
    Jane and Chris Champion
    Kim and Rob Clark
    Becky and John Crane
    Diane and James S. D'Agostino
    Melbern G. & Susanne M. Glasscock Foundation
  • Francel and James D. Gray
    Deborah and William Hanna
    The Hildebrand Foundation
    Jennifer and Scott Hommema
    Jane and William Joplin
    Kiwanis Foundation of Houston
    LINN Energy
    The LLEE Foundation
    Carole and C. James Looke III
    The Lyons Foundation
    Meredith and Keith McCarthy
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Houston
    Plains All American GP LLC
    Perry Ann and John Reed
    Krissi and Taylor Reid
    Candace Roberts and Dan Witschey, Jr.
    Sara and Fred Robertson
    Debbie and Mark Thompson
    Amy and Geoff Vernon
    Wells Fargo Foundation
    Katherine and Kent Woodard

$2,500 +

  • Bowen, Miclette & Britt Insurance Agency, LLC
    Kelly and Michael Boyd
    Maurine and David Bybee
    Nancy and Steve Bynon
    eTECH Environmental & Saftey Solutions
    Iman and James Farrior
    Bain and Brady Head
    Kevin Holt
    Houston Junior Forum
  • Sheila and Ron Hulme
    Joanne and Kenneth Humphries
    Kinder Morgan Foundation
    Donna and Gordon Marcum II
    Origin Bank
    Raymond James & Associates
    Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC
    Strake Foundation
    Nancy and Andrew Talkington
  • Trustmark Bank
    Marianne and David Tubergen
    Vallen Memorial Fund
    Walter P Moore
    Jaime and Jason Watford
    Linda and Steve Webster
    Cis and Henry D. Wilde, Jr.
    Amy and Stephen Winstead

$1,000 +

  • Adams and Reese LLP
    Andrews Myers, PC
    Gil and Sue Baumgarten
    Beautique Day Spa and Salon
    Marta and James Birchfield
    Craig Blair
    Karen and Michael Brisch
    Taffi and Joseph Bybee
    Brenda and Joseph Cialone II
    Kathleen and Robert Clarke
    Coastline Marine LLC
    Connie and William V. Conover II
    Denise and Paul Cornell
    Elizabeth and Carter Crites
    Anne and Richard Darrah
    Karen and Paul Davis
    Ann and Ron Davis
    Zoa and Mike Djokic
    Pluma and Brent Dorsey
    Allison Esenkova
    ExxonMobil Foundation
    Linda and Mike Ford
    Sarah and Douglas Foshee
    Presbyterian Women of FPC
  • Patricia and Daniel Frick
    Margo Geddie and William LaFuze
    Nancy and Chip Gill
    Jean Lykes Grace Foundation
    Harbor Hospice of Baytown
    Sarah and John Hastings Jr.
    Sharon and Carl Henry
    Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Fund
    Ann and Gregory Hill
    Joanne and Harold Hook
    Patricia and Harry Hopson, Jr.
    Houston Association of Professional Landmen
    Houston Pi Beta Phi Foundation
    Diana and Glenn Johnson
    Alice and Edmond A. Kagi
    Lisa and Samuel Kemp
    Linda and John Kennedy
    Sherry and James Kennett
    Mary and Wallace Knapp
    Helen Lancaster
    Harriet and Truett Latimer
    Dina and Kamoru Lawal
    Kase and Eileen Lawal
    Carter and William Lee
  • Sandra and Jerome Lewis
    Steve Markert
    Janice and Robert Marshall
    Beverly and Ray Mentzer
    Jason Montanez
    David Oliver
    Marsha and Charles Parker
    Camille and Grier Patton
    Marilyn and Gene Reamer
    Scott Reamer
    Pamela and John Ryder
    Safeway Inc.
    Carol and Robert Smith
    Diane and Don Sweat
    Mark Synek
    Birgitt Van Wijk
    Sarah Viles
    Carlton Wilde, Sr.
    Ann and William K. Wilde
    Stephanie and Fred Wilson
    Wendy Wilson-Wills and Patrick Wills
    Loretta and Ron Wise
    Elise and James Woodruff

$500 +

  • R E Adair
    Natalie and Maurice Ariz
    Bastiana Baas
    Brooks Ballard
    Deborah Barbier
    Mary Cay and Steve Barker
    Anne and J. Currie Bechtol
    Mrs. Lloyd Bentsen, Jr.
    Elizabeth and Jason Bernal
    Linda and Craig Bortz
    Christina and James Buaas
    Cecily and Richard Burleson
    Marian and Spyros Catechis
    Jan and Jack Cato
    Patricia and James Clark
    Mary and Joe Colaco
    Ashley Coleman
    Carmen and J. Calvin Cooper
    Jane and Joyce Cortello
    Melinda and David Crader
    Jackie and Fred H. Dunlop
    Elvena Mayo
    EQT Foundation
    Susan and Adam Finn
    Susan Lee Fontaine
    Theressa Ford
    Betty Foster
  • JoNell and Kelly Gerland
    Dale and Dale Gibble
    Laura Godbold
    Kari and Todd Greenwalt
    Donna and Charles Grehn
    Somchay and William Harnack
    Sally Harpool
    Rene and Melvyn Harrington, Jr.
    Esthela and Alan Holly
    Katina and Gilchrist Jackson
    Anne Darby Kennett
    Laura King
    Joann and Paul Lee
    Kayla and Jim Lehmann
    Nancy L. Lucke
    Ellen and Nelson Mabry
    Angela Marcaccio and James Cherner
    Laura Martin and Peter Bruell
    William McCarthy
    Karen and Douglas Meikle
    Susan and David Miclette
    Roland Moore
    Katy and Sam Murray
    National Charity League, Inc.
    Susan and Thomas W. Neville
    Lonzetta Newman
    Meredith and Matt Offenbacher
    Elizabeth and Paul Palmer
  • Patrice Phyor
    Krystle Powell
    Susan and E. Wayne Ray, Jr.
    Kay Reed
    Mary and John Roff III
    Jean and Michael Rooke
    Vesna and Terry Scarborough
    Paula and Alan Schlesinger
    Michelle Schmidt and Lee Poythress
    Brooke and Ryan Shelton
    The Simmons Foundation
    Anita and Gerald Smith
    Jenny and Charles Sommer IV
    Stephanie and Clifford H. Song
    Claudia and Alan Stewart
    Christine and William Swanson
    Lorraine and Robert Thomson
    Joanne Thorp
    Valerie and Matthew Tompson
    Raymond Turner
    Laurie and Douglas Vander Ploeg
    Christine and Christopher Wardwell
    Carolyn and Richard Weiss
    Sue White
    Elaine and Robert Williams
    Marilyn and Christopher Winters
    Wunderlich Securities

$1 +

  • Patsy and Paul Abraham
    Ann and Daniel Ahuero
    Christena A. Alcorn
    Alvin & Lucy Owsley Foundation
    AmazonSmile Foundation
    Margaret and Verlyn Anders
    Carol H Anderson
    Austin Angel
    Jane Arbuthnot
    Kathryn Baird
    Ashley and Chad Beck
    Timothy Beeson
    Jeff Bell
    Carolyn and Charles Bell
    Kristina Bell
    Kirsten Benjamin
    Mary Bentsen
    Steven Russell Biegel
    Big Data Energy Services
    Cynthia Birdwell
    Annette and Richard Birk
    Elizabeth Blakemore
    Robert Bland
    John Boehm
    Carrie and Jeff Bond
    Jennifer and Steve Boubel
    Brenda L Bowman
    Brooks Boyd
    Nancy and John Bradford
    Sharon and Steve Brading
    Carolyn Brewer
    Jackie Bronicki
    Alicia and Bob Brooks
    Martha Lou Broussard
    Susan and Joseph Brown
    Beth Bruce
    Susan Buddeke
    Hemoiselle and Carlos Bujosa
    Diane Butler
    Nanci and John Cain
    Maria and Carlos Calzada
    Minnie and Edward Cappel
    Luke Carlson
    Evelyn Carson
    Mary and Christopher Chaffin
    Nicole Choi
    Michael Cieslak
    Betty and Stephen Clyburn
    Ann and Thomas B. Cochran
    Mitchell Cockrell
    Kimberly and Keith Cole
    Lisa Colgin
    Linda M. Cooper
    Jack and Merrill Cox
    Joseph Cox
    Haise and Carlton Currie
    Kim and Joseph Dang
    Lisa Dell'Angelo and David Olgaard
    Melaney and Chris Derden
    Kelly Derouen
    Lesley and Tom DiBello
    Nora Dobin and Christian Wolfe
    William Dodd
    Tarsy and Paul Dondlinger
    Rebecca and John Dossey
    Linda and Jack Douglass
    Brandye and BJ Drager
    Heidi and Kenneth Dunek
    Valerie S. Dunnam
    Gayle and John Durie
    Sherry Early
    Laura Easton
    Cate Ebbs
    George J. and Carolyn Elledge
    Matthew Erkmann
    Martha Erwin
    Liz and Paul Espenan
    Andy Estrada
    Maribel Estupian
    Karen Evankovich and Kevin Davidson
    Jody and John Evans II
    Mary-Floye Federer
    Stacy C. and Joseph L. Franz
    Freeman Design Associates
    Jane and Craig Friou
    Anne and David Frischkorn
    Christy and Matt Galtney
    Emily and Geoff Gannaway
    Annette and Allen Garber
    Sam and Barnett Gershen
    Cease and Paul Giddings
    Heidi Glantzberg and Chuck Andrews
    Jan and William Glazner
    Lynne Goddard
    Steven Gohlke
    Kristi and Carlos Gonzalez
    Ashley and Mark Grady
    Jason W. Granger
    Jacqueline and Thomas Graves
  • Pam Greenwood
    Bambi and Kevin Grilley
    Martha and David M. Grimes
    GSI Environmental Inc
    Doris P Haber
    James Hall
    Janet and William Hall
    Justin Hall
    Lyla and Jim Hall
    David Hargrove
    Aaron Harris
    Julianne and Victor Harris
    Laurie Harris
    Kathie Hartzog
    Marilyn Haupt
    Shelley and William Hayes
    Rob and Lori Hendricks
    Gregory Herzog
    Angela and William Heston
    Frances and Edward Heyne
    Tishawnna and Craig Hicks, Jr.
    Laura and Robert Higley
    Carrie Spencer Hills
    Mary M. Hoekel
    Diane and Don Holden
    Yvonne Bonner-Holley and Mark Holley
    Mark Hooper
    Marcia and Brad Hovious
    Georgia Hsieh and Mark Hausknecht
    Cathy and Greg Hucker
    Claudia and Houghton Hutcheson
    Thad H Hutcheson
    Nancy and Roland Irby
    Shelli and George Jackson
    Helen and Hector Janse, Jr.
    James Johnson
    Linda and Jerry Johnson
    Angis and Mike Jones
    Horacha Jones
    Shelby and Ward Jones
    Walter Jones
    Melodee and Ronald Jordan
    Melissa and Todd Joyner
    Kathy and Ronald Kahanek
    Linda Katz
    Iva Kemp
    Wendy Kennedy
    Gerald and Wanda Kerbow Children
    Anthony Kerrigan
    Ashley and Kenneth Kneisly
    Julane Knobil
    Leadership Council for Healthy Communities
    Bridgitte and Eugene Lee
    Diane and William Lee
    Benigna and Ernst Leiss
    Martha and Edwin Letzerich
    Andrew Lewis
    Lucy and Eric Lewis
    Kristina Leyden
    LifeTouch National School Studios
    Leo and Ellen Linbeck
    Lori and Jeffrey Londa
    Desiree and Philip Lonsway
    Anne Loo and Brad Nyberg
    Miguel Lopez
    Jenny and Niko Lorentzatos
    Maurice and Lynne Lorenz
    Joyce Lott
    Sherry and Tommy Lott
    Ross Love
    Gina and Scot Luther
    Phyllis Maddox
    David L Maggard
    Kahla and Matthew Malinsky
    Debbie and George Mallory
    Jackie and Jay Martin
    Andrew Maul
    Alejandra Maya
    Ronda and Richard Mayfield
    Tracie and Sam Mazzu
    Robert McCarthy
    Jennifer McCleskey
    Mary and Marion McDaniel
    Eileen and Aaron McKean
    Miranda and John McKee
    Constance McMaken
    Paul McMenemy
    Allison and Mark McMillan
    Ron and Sally McMillan
    Laura and Brad McWilliams
    Gabriele Merrill
    Susan and William Merriman
    Ruth and Clarence Metzger
    Collie C. Michaels
    Jeanne and Rudy Michalk
    Bonnie and William Miller
    Janie Miller
    Patricia Millhouse
    Carole and Tim Miser
    Murphy and Matt Moellers
    Elen Moncrieff
    Catherine and Robert Moore
  • Vanessa Moran
    Barbara Ann Morgan
    Sydni and Ryan Mossman
    Deidra Motton
    Mary Lou Murray
    Kyle Muth
    Rajan Nair
    Christine and Cody Nath
    Joanna Nelson
    Network for Good
    Marcia and Doug Newport
    Sue and Neil Newton
    Kitty and Steven Oldham
    Beverly and Cecil Olmstead III
    Dan O'Malley
    Brian Owen
    Diane and Keyes Page III
    Paula and Jeff Paine
    Richard Frank Palazzo
    Mercy Parish
    Caroline and Thomas Paterson
    Kenneth Paterson
    Paula and Donald Patteson
    Karen and Melvin Payne
    Elaine and Vytas Petrulis
    Torri Phillips
    Dana and Brad Pinkstaff
    Elizabeth and James Poggio
    Sara and Gary Pressel
    Mary Ella and William Bailey Price, Jr.
    Daisy and Bill Quayle
    Lynne and Jimmy Quinn
    A. Reed
    Ann and William Reed
    Wendy and John A. Reed
    Mary and Bart Reese
    Ellen Welsh and Martin Reichenthal
    Robert Rexford
    Bebe Burns and Fred Rhodes
    Jean and Ted Richardson
    Cathy and Bobby Robertson
    Julie and Brian Robertson
    Bonnie and Christopher Rogers
    Diana Sanchez
    Claire L Sansariq
    Jeffrey Scarborough
    Michael Schira
    Shavonnah and Joseph Schreiber
    Ann Schultz
    Bill Scott
    Kathleen and Craig Selner
    Carol and Robert Shimp
    Patricia and F. Mac Shuford
    Len Slusser
    Cedrick Smith
    Janice L. Smith
    Margaret Smith
    Roula Zoghbi Smith and Tyler Smith
    Jim and Carol Snowden
    Delphine Starr
    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Steen
    Mary Stehlin
    Austin Stewart
    Lindy and Joseph Stockdale
    Vickie and Michael D. Stone
    Christine Stuart
    Karla and Bradley Stuebing
    Angela Sturm
    Kenneth Sutera
    Angela Synek
    Gail and William Taber
    Susan and Michael Taggart
    Charlotte and Stan Taylor
    Zoe and August Thompson
    Sonia Townsend
    Poldi Tschirch
    Cheryl and Brian Tucker
    Rebecca and Charles Turner, Jr.
    United Way
    Jane and Enrique Van Santen
    Joanna Veeningen
    Martha and Craig Voss
    Stacy Wade
    Lynda and John Walsh
    Mary Wassef
    Beatty and Bill Watts
    Linda Webb
    Matthew West
    Sara and Bruce Williams
    Elizabeth Williams
    James Williams
    Rick & Lynn Wilson
    Sara and Robert Wilson
    Totsye Winslow
    Karen Womack
    Annette Wood
    Lauren and Taylor Woodard
    Sandi and Lee Worley
    Susan and Mark Worscheh
    Deborah and Richard Yee
    Carol and Kurtis Young