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School Forms


Enrollment for the Kiwanis Foundation Summer Program is now open. Please return the above form to Melodee Jordan or Jose Perez at the Nehemiah Center. $100 tuition for the Summer is due with the application or with a deadline of May 27, 2022. 


Monthly Tuition and Other Fees: 

  • Program Fees for Program Year 2021-2022 
    • Pre-K Regular Day (3-5 years old) - $90/month per child 
    • Pre-K Extended Day (3-5 years old) - $200/month per child
    • Pre-K Annual Registration Fee - $50 per child 
    • Afterschool Program (K-12th) - $90/month per child 
    • Family Discounts (Afterschool) - $110/month per two children OR $130/month per three or more children
    • Pre-K not elgibile for discounts 


  • Payment due: The FIRST of each month. 
  • Payment options: Only checks and mony orders accepted. NO CASH. 
  • Payment procedures: Use a payment envelope to submit your payment. 
  • Payment envelopes: Provided at the Reception Desk. Please complete the information on the outside of the envelope so that your account is properly credited. Place your payment in the fee box located by the Reception Desk. Your receipt will be placed in your mailbox. Please collect and keep for your records. 
  • Late Payment Fees: $10 fee will be assessed for every payment received after the 7th day of the month. 
  • Late Payment Notification Procedure: a late notice reminder will be placed in the child/parent mailbox after the 7th of each month unless specified otherwise. 
  • Returned Check Fees: Each returned check will be assessed a $6 fee in accordance with banking procedures. Parents with returned checks should make all future payments using a money order. 
  • Late Pickup Fees: $1 per minute per child late fee will be assessed for any pickups after 3:00 p.m. for Pre-K and 6:00 p.m. for AEP and College Prep. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you fail to pay, we reserve the right to add the additional amount to your tuition. We will follow the time on the clock in the lobby. The late fee is due when you pick up your child. Excessive late pickups will result in your child's dismissal from our program.  


  • The CO-OP program allows a limited number of parents to work in lieu of paying fees. CO-OP is offered on a short-term basis (three months maximum) for families who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties. Please call Ms. Watkins at 713-526-5015 to discuss the program further. There is limited availability in the CO-OP program.